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Flux Guild
Faction The Galactic Republic
Recruiting Open, All Classes
Focus Endgame PvE, Flashpoints, Operations

Flux Online Games Club: Connecting People Through Games[edit source]

History[edit source]

Flux, also known as Brasucas or BRX, is an Brazlian Online Games Club that have a 8 year experience in MMORPGs. If you want to understand what really the Flux guild is, you need to watch the evolution of the following facts:

First of all, they were just a group of friends that used to meet to play something on LAN servers in a garage. They didn´t have a name, nothing. It was just them, playing together, the same game or various games. When broadband internet reached Brazil, people started to play on private or even public servers. Then, they have left the garage and started playing online, creating a name for themselves: Brasucas.

Nowadays, we count with brazilians in many games in Brazil and other countries, playing games such as Brazilian Ragnarök Online (bRO), World of Warcraft, Guild Wars, LineAge II, MoH: Spearhead, Battlefield 2, Call of Duty, DoD: Source and much more games. And now, we're coming to Star Wars: The Old Republic to leave our mark there.

Mostly players have been playing MMOs under the Brasucas flag since 2003, and now we seek to continue our glorious path, under a new tag: Flux!

Overview[edit source]

Brasucas at Brazilian Ragnarök Online (bRO)

We want to have a guild that respect each other and know how to do well in groups and know their place and role in a group, with compromised people that seeks to fight through the Endgame content. We believe everything in the game passes away: Gear, Operations, Ships, Leveling, and even the game itself. The most important thing is that, some time away from now, we will remember what we achieved together.

Our mission is to offer an friendly enviroment to the players, with an structure that can support our fun, acting with total clearness and seeking fair actions. We don't want to be the first on what we do, but we do want to be far far away from the last ones.

What will we achieve together now?

Flux - Connecting People Through Games

Flux - Conectando Pessoas através dos Games

Guild Values[edit source]

Brasucas pre-cast zone at bRO

Honor - Honor and fair play. By far, the most important things for those who want to apply to Flux. - A keen sense of right and wrong, adherence to the principles of good behavior. - Treating people with respect. Doing unto others, as you would have others do unto you. This is our phylosophy.

Loyalty - We are not some ordinary game group. We are a family. And we want to treat and be treated like that. - We are a shoulder to lean on, a friend to talk to, somebody to have fun with. - If we can't count on each other, who can we count on?

Respect - You cannot have an organized and mature organization without a great deal of personal respect for other members. - We are not an elitist organization, and do not discriminate except upon a member's attitude. We will not kick you from the guild if you DPS sucks. We will try to help you achieve your better. Always.

Maturity - Flux does not tolerate at all juvenile behavior. We don't want people that think they are better then another person, and will not tolerate prejudice or elitism in this form. - We do not respond to flames, insults, and attempts at starting an argument, be it from another clan or individual, or from within our organization.

Having Fun - Because that's why we're here in the first place; to have fun. Not to QQ for gear or Operations Spots. - We're here to relax, have a good time, make some friends and memories that will last us a lifetime. There is no place for ego here.

Recruitment Info[edit source]

BRX at World of Warcraft: Cataclysm
BRX at World of Warcraft against Heroic Shannox

We are an active guild that will strive to be one of the best and to make our members be the best that they can be.

If you join Flux, you will have some benefits, like:

- Adventuring with other players on group quests, flashpoints and operations;

- Maybe a PvP team if we get enough PvP addicted people;

- Help earning more credits since we can help you with your professions.

- Lifetime friends and fun!

- All races accepted. And all classes.

- Serious during Flashpoints and Operations, but most of the other times we just want do relax and have fun.

- We will consider any suggestions/ideas proposed by any of our members.

Please use the application form as shown on the forums and follow any supplied rules/guidelines. Check back frequently (a couple times a day) to see if your application has been accepted. The amount of time it takes to accept your application depends on what time of day you apply and what day of the week. We usually accept applications on the day that they are submitted. When registering with the forums, please use the name you intend to use in SWTOR. If you do not know what your name will be in SWTOR, we will be able to change it to match your in-game name at a later date.

Since we all going to start from Level 1 and zero gear, you don't need to be a hardcore player to apply Flux. But we wish that you have at least a little MMO experience, so you know what you're doing with your role.

For Individual Players: To apply to join Flux, complete your guild application info at the Guild Application page on your SWTOR Account and apply on the Flux Guild page. If you speak a little of portuguese but you are not Brazilian, you're welcome to join aswell.

For Guilds: To align with Flux, as either an ally or adversary upon the same server please contact Ceguin, Allpha or Adomaitis.

Every portuguese speaker is welcome here. Even people from Angola, Brazil, Cape Verde, East Timor, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, Portugal, São Tome and Príncipe, and anyone that speaks portuguese from another countries. Come and Join the Flux family!

Roster[edit source]

Jedi Knight: - Allpha - ChucOne - Kyassady - Adomaitis - Dalch - Lessandro - SabreBR

Jedi Consular: - Ligia - Dittrichi - Stiiix - Heateco - Mokoena - Sterrius

Trooper: - Ceguin - neytosp - Minarox

Smuggler: - EvilOneBR - Zydann

Undecided: - BryanLopes - Pretender_ - bemobile

Goals[edit source]

Allies: Phalanx, Brazil Force

Enemies: None yet.

Our goal is to have too much fun while we travel through the game until we do what we know best: Raiding! We're specifically a endgame PvE guild, but since some members like PvP aswell, we probably will try to do our best on PvP Warfronts too.

News[edit source]

06/17/2011: BRX guild created on Star Wars: The Old Republic.

07/04/2011: Through members voting, BRX decided to go to an PvP Server at US East timeline, on Republic side.

07/15/2011: BRX WikiSWTOR Page Created.

07/22/2011: At least 5 BRX members already pre-ordered the game and the guild will be able to play on Launch! Congratulations, friends!

08/03/2011: BRX reaches the 20 members Mark.

08/26/2011: Through council members voting, BRX decided to change name to Flux.

09/05/2011: Flux reached the 30 members Mark.

09/11/2011: Flux Wikia Page Created