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Sith Empire Flag of Convenience Sith Empire
Faction Sith Empire
Recruiting Open (Limited)
Focus PvE / PvP / Social

Overview[edit source]

Flag of Convenience is a Sith Empire guild that aims to be successful at exploring all content within Star Wars: The Old Republic without losing sight of the fact that it is a game. We like to play with people who are good humoured and interesting rather than basement dwelling shut-ins.

Flag of Convenience is composed of mature adults who enjoy a positive, fun and interesting environment.

Objectives[edit source]

The objectives of Flag of Convenience are:

  • To provide a social environment for our members
  • To engage all PvE and PvP content, such as flashpoints and operations
  • To build a small, fun and engaged Oceanic community

Recruitment[edit source]

Flag of Convenience has limited recruitment during the launch phase, due to the lock-down of the Guild Portal. After launch, Flag of Convenience will recruit people whose objectives and aims are aligned with the goals of the guild.

Our goals are to remain a comparatively small guild, however ensuring that we have enough members to complete all PvE and PvP content.

Guild Leadership[edit source]

Guild leadership and direction is provided by three officers and one guild leader. Flag of Convenience tries to minimise administrative overhead to engage its guild members.