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[ Fist of The Empire]

About Us[edit source]

Fist of the Empire (FoE) was created in 2003 by several members of the US Army in 2003 who were spending their idle time playing FPS's like Unreal Tournament. Eventually they turned their attention to MMO's and landed on Star Wars Galaxies as a remedy to their institutional boredom.

From beta through launch FoE realized success and began to establish their power and notoriety. It took very little time for the denizens of the server to recognize that FoE was a force to be reckoned with and many people clamored to join their efforts.

There are very few people that would refute the fact that FoE ruled the Bria server during it's heyday by humiliating rebel forces and establishing their might in PVE environments.

As time passed, so did a number of other factors. America became militarily involved on several fronts - SOE launched the death knell to SWG (the NGE), and World of Warcraft was released.

The two guild leaders Praelian and Nightshade were dispatched to Iraq. The FoE community became more and more disillusioned with the "new" SWG and became more and more interested in WoW.

Praelian and Nightshade responded from Iraq and instructed the FoE member base on how to create a working organization that would allow FoE to effectively become a force in WoW. It wasn't always easy, but FoE morphed into an efficient WoW guild. Many instance Bosses died.

But, again, change is constant.

After a couple of years a lot of WoW players lost their passion for the game and were looking forsomething new. This is where Warhammer: Online comes in.

This was a significant milestone: FoE now had 3 communities to service - SWG, WoW, and War.

Fortunately, FoE had honed their recruitment philosophy to such an extent that it was relatively easy to slough off non-serious or immature applicants and create a guild full of dedicated gamers that want nothing more than to melt faces of the enemy - in all of their endeavors - regardless of the game.

Proving that history repeats itself, FoE is now looking at establishing itself in the FPS world. Look for that soon!

Finally, FoE believes in a couple things that most guilds don't consider important or, even, contemplate.

FoE is a community of people - not players. FoE appreciates in-game skill, to be sure, but appreciates character even more. FoE has held a real life event each year since 2004 in various places and will continue to do so in order to cultivate personal relationships between members. Additionally, FoE has created an offshoot organization - to allow members to generate written materials to be published elsewhere in order to make a few bucks and further instill themselves in the gaming community.

The thing that, perhaps, makes FoE different from most guilds is that they are continually looking for new opportunities for the guild at large as well as their members.