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Sith Empire Elite Brotherhood of the Sith Sith Empire
Faction Empire
Language English
Leader Mayhám, Málák + Wutshof
Recruiting Open Send in game message to Mayhém
Focus Guild Raiding, PvP + Conquests
Server Tomb of Freedon Nadd
Contact Carnage

The Elite Brotherhood of the Sith guild was formed in 2013 by two brothers and there cousin.

Notable Members[edit source]

Empire Founders[edit source]

Darth Máyhem
Darth Málák
Darth Wutshof

Council Members[edit source]

Darth Pérséús
Darth F'eareus
Darth Annihilation

Raiding[edit source]

PvP[edit source]

PvE[edit source]

Conquests[edit source]