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Sith Empire Division Six Sith Empire
Divisionsix guild bannerSMALL.png
Faction Empire
Recruiting Open
Focus PvP, PvE, Player Driven Events

History[edit source]

Division Six was born on July 3rd 2009 for Bioware and Lucasart's new MMO, Star Wars: The Old Republic. Division Six is based on the remnants of The Illuminati, which was founded by Spartan in November 2003 for The Matrix Online beta. Since 2003 The Illuminati members kept together as a gaming community through various MMOs and other online games. We look to bring back our signature live server-wide player run events that we hosted and participated in for The Matrix Online and Star Wars Galaxies.

While we prefer to stay out of character in game, we do encourage roleplaying for these events. You wont see us lining up to use the bank or having marriages between 2 people who are probably men anyway, but we openly practice story telling and roleplaying on our RP forum and while participating in in-game events. We also participate in very active and aggressive group PvP, just as we did years ago.

We practice an organized guild ranking structure that promotes progression and leadership opportunities. Class specific content and leadership will be supported.

Specialties[edit source]

Division Six proudly supports a wide variety of play-styles and end game interests. We organize our ranks and leadership into four different company units, grouping together members with similar interests while spreading out responsibilities and duties. Companies are designed to group members with similar play-styles, but not restrict them to only these play-styles. Companies are also integral to our player driven events [PDE] from a roll play standpoint, and make appearances in offline PDE such as the webcomic #Division Six: Dawn of Six.

The Vanguard Company[edit source]

If you're a hardcore PvPer, you'll find a home in The Vanguard Company, where only the most dedicated face-melters reside. The Vanguard houses one of the most feared units in the galaxy, the Division Six special forces.

The Sognatore Company[edit source]

Focused on raiding and min/maxing your dps? The Sognatore Company is filled with people who won't rest until the boss is downed. The Sog's also is revered for special tactics and reconnaissance in the field.

The Requiem Company[edit source]

The Requiem Company houses the bulk of the Division Six backbone, as the largest company, it's filled with balanced playstyles and the brute force needed to complete any objective.

Applying[edit source]

If you are interested in applying to Division Six register on our forums and apply!

Gaming History[edit source]

Division Six is founded by original members from The Illuminati, formed pre-The Matrix Online around 2001. Since this time many members pursued other games such as World of Warcraft, many FPS games, and many other MMO's (including Division Nine of SWG, but others too numerous to mention). Our history is steeped in tradition of maintaining a good balance of good times and serious play. Several of our members have achieved relative net fame within several genres of games and it is with this bevy of experience that we have founded Division Six. If you would like to contact us in regard to our gaming history do not hesitate.

Division Six: Dawn of Six[edit source]

Background and Basis[edit source]

D6: Dawn of Six is a fully illustrated, collaborative story driven comic project from Division Six. The first story arc follows Voyle and his high council as they establish Division Six, while working to uncover and defeat a sinister plot of betrayal from within the Empire. It will follow the members of Division Six as they work to ensure victory in the name of the dark side. Check the official Division Six website for updates.

On the distant world of Dathomir, a hardened General of the Sith Empire leads his troops on an expedition to uncover an ancient relic of untold power. They soon learn that the Republic too has plans for the mysterious artifact, when a skirmish of lightsabers and blaster fire commence over a small Republic mining facility. The General's troops easily destroyed the Republic research team and their small Jedi protection force, but were unable to locate the artifact. Their search continues as the General is summoned away, before the Emperor himself. Expecting to be disciplined after his failure, the General is surprised to discover that the Emperor has much larger plans for him.

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