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Galactic Republic CORAL Galactic Republic
Coral logo.png
Faction Republic
Focus PVP

Overview[edit source]

CORAL is a guild united in its unwavering duty to defend and serve the Galactic Republic. Every member of the guild stands equal; collectively deciding the future of the guild while pursuing excellence in the endgame content of PvE and PvP against threats to the Republic.

Recruitment Info[edit source]

Joining CORAL can benefit a SWTOR player in countless ways. The most foreseeable benefits allow the gamer to

- adventure among others in tackling group quests, flash points and raids;

- compete regularly as a team in PVP, Questing, Social, Endgame Content, Crafting and Light Role-play;

- earn more credits and experience points maximising their knowledge and production;

- make proportionate guild decisions thanks to the council system;

- receive guidance from members who can quickly answer individuals questions and help them make decisions;

- socialise in a lively-game atmosphere thanks to the private communication channel.

Applicants to CORAL will be hardcore in their expected activity schedule in Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) of exceeding 20 hours per week, to pursue excellence in PvE and PvP endgame content. It is necessary that those applying are able to participate in scheduled evening (GMT) raiding, whilst possessing the voice chat capability to effectively communicate in game. If accepted, you are also required to contribute to the guilds forums regularly.

It is desirable that applicants possess strong PvE/PvP (MMO) experience and mature personal qualities/skills beneficial to the sustainability and development of the guild.

For individuals: To apply to join CORAL please complete your Guild Application on your SWTOR Account and apply on the CORAL Guild page.

For Guilds: To align with CORAL, as either an ally or adversary upon the same (PVP/GMT) server please contact deanogee.

Goals[edit source]

Allies: Afterlife.

CORAL seeks to become and endure as leaders of the guild community within Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR). To achieve this goal the CORAL encourages the highest quality of guild participation (acknowledged by its council system) in various activities (including PVP, Questing, Social, Endgame Content, Crafting and Light Role-play) within the game.

The guilds uniqueness derives from the council system it utilises. As a consequence, all decisions regarding CORAL are formulated collectively by the guilds members via the Private Communication Channel (during the game) and in the External Forums (out of the game). More information regarding our Council System can be obtained via our Recruitment Thread.

News[edit source]