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Chroniclers of the Myriad
Faction Sith (various affiliations)
Focus Social/PvP/PvE/General

Overview[edit source]

The Chroniclers of the Myriad are an RP and social guild for the Star Wars MMO The Old Republic. Although ostensibly in allegiance with Imperial forces, new Novitiates from more disparate beginnings will find that their unique skills and perspectives are held in unusually high demand.

Recruitment Info[edit source]

We welcome all players who are interested in immersive RP, lighter co-operative gaming or the exploration of TOR's background and secrets. Please feel free to visit the Myriads' website [1] for more information.

Goals[edit source]

We're a small and friendly RP guild who value player and character over everything else. We seek to follow the many paths of the Force in unity, for greater understanding - and greater power. We play together at varying times of day and week, and aid each other as often as possible.

News[edit source]

Visit the website [2] for news.