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Leadership Style: Hybrid Democracy
Alignment: Sith Empire
Style: Mixed Playstyles | PvE End-Game Focus | Secondary PvP Events
Server: PvE US EST
Communication: Mumble Server | Website Forums
Age Group: Preferred 18+
Time Zone: All Accepted (US EST Based, Morning priority)
Event Times: 11AM-2PM EST Weekdays (Schedule on main site, as more groups are formed times may vary slightly)

Barely Lethal Mission Statement
Barely Lethal represents the ideals that the individual is collectively as important as the group. These ideals are represented by fairness and equality being extended to all of our members, new or old. We are a mature guild interested in mature member recruitment.

Ultimately we would like to create a guild that offers a home to the hardcore as well as the casual player. We are striving to develop an order through which all play styles can be united under a single guild for the same cause: Fun. Ideally we will be more focused on advancement through SW:TOR's many facets with end game in sight. Barely Lethal will accomplish this through strategy, dedication, and hard work as we strive towards excellence through practice and patience.

In Barely Lethal you will find a guild that seeks to maintain all of our members' vested interests while establishing a standard of excellence in what we do. The premise behind Barely Lethal is a hybrid democracy. The leadership of Barely Lethal is only meant to structure the guild and give it stability. All matters that effect the guild as a whole is decided by its members through majority decisions.

Events and Activity
Attendance at events is not mandatory, but you are expected to maintain reasonable attendance. While our primary focus is progression and endgame content, we will always maintain that casual atmosphere for those who wish to delve into the world of SW:TOR on a limited schedule!

We at Barely Lethal wish to create a meaningful and drama-free presence in the community and as such do not participate in dramatic matters. If something of this manner were to come up within the guild, then appropriate and swift measures will be taken to deal with it. We do not promote bickering within the guild over anything. As members of Barely Lethal we should all be representative of the fundamentals of the individual being as important as the collective. There is no room for greed and jealousy. Hard work and dedication are rewarded fairly and equally so there is no reason to not be either of those two things when in this guild. Mumble will be used for in-game events for coordination and progression.

Above all Barely Lethal was founded on the principle that an end game guild can be productive, rewarding and fun while not feeling like a second job.

About our Family & it's Members
Barely Lethal, like many guilds, is comprised of a diverse and intriguing player-base. We cater to many different regions stretching from the States, to Europe and even the Pacific Isles. Each member brings his or her own special personality to our family. We have a large niche of members that have 5+ years experience in the FFXI HNM scene, years of WoW end-game experience, as well as members that have no prior end game or MMO experience. Barely Lethal caters to all walks of life to strengthen it's ranks. All of our members talk on a daily basis which has made our bonds of friendship strong.

What we expect of our members:
o Our members are expected to put the guild's goals before their personal ones. Most activities we do are for benefiting the guild as a whole so we can remain strong and all get what we are looking for.
o Know your class and task in every situation. You should have all appropriate gear and know what's expected of you.
o You should be willing to learn about other classes and what they are capable of. Only as a team it is possible to succeed.
o Know your way around. If you are new to an area find yourself some info on the web, or don't be afraid to speak up.

What we are NOT looking for:
o People who are out to benefit themselves, and will only think of themselves and their own gain.
o People who think Barely Lethal will be their quick and easy way to get the items/drops they want.
o People who like to flame and spam on other Community Pages without respect for anyone.
o People who don't play, or aren't willing to learn their class well and what's expected of them during events.

If you wish to join or find out more about us, please visit the Guild Information section of our forums.