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Sith Empire Bane Guild Sith Empire
Faction Empire
Recruiting yes

About Bane Guild[edit source]

Bane is a family style close-knit guild. We are international and friendly to a variety of lifstyles. Adults only. Our roleplay, which is very light, consists of a prophecy in which the perfect Sith, Lord Bane, is born. We enjoy both PVP and Raiding.

Guild History[edit source]

Bane was originally formed in Star Wars Galaxies in 2008. Guild elections were held to select a leader and Suzina was selected. Since that time, other members have risen to lead Bane's division in various MMOs, but Suzina has remained the default leader. A council of five members was created to keep Suzina's power in check, advise her, and over-rule her decisions if necessary.

Recruitment Info[edit source]

We only recruit adults. Please include your age when you apply. Additionally, please tell me why you would like to join Bane. The most important trait we are looking for is an attitude similar to current guild members. The more you tell us in the application about what you want from the guild the better I am able to tell if you are a good fit for the guild. If your initial application doesn't have enough information, I'll send a personal message asking for age, reasons for applying, and other similar information.