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About Us

"By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another."

John 13:35

Band of Hope is a Christian Star Wars: The Old Republic Guild based on the Shien server.

Our mission is to provide a place in SWTOR where Christians and their families can explore enjoy the Star Wars experience with a clean, safe, and family friendly environment.

We do NOT exclude non-Christians, we are happy to have them as long as they understand that the Christian faith may be discussed, prayers asked for and lifted up, and that we insist on being free of the coarse and crude topics and language which is so common in online gaming today.

We started on World of Warcraft during beta, but soon moved to LOTRO have been there since. We have since then branched out to SWTOR and have a guild on each side on Shein.

Offered by us!

Band of Hope offers a family-friendly environment where everyone comes to have fun and enjoy everyone's presense. We offer things that most guilds do not!
  • Bi-Weekly Bible Study/Guild Meeting
  • Accept and uplift prayer requests from members
  • Excellent website with forums
  • Ventrilo Server
  • Facebook group
  • Weekly Datacron Search

How to join

Message the follow person for a invite:
  • Echolipse
Or send in-game email to Echolipse if not online.
Band of Hope
Recruiting Just send a tell to Echolipse or an officer or LT, who will affirm that you are not offended by Christian discussion in chat, and will conduct yourself in a appropriate manner.