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Ancient Order
Faction Empire + Republic (different servers)
Focus PVE

Quick Reference[edit source]

  • Guild Name: Ancient Order
  • Faction: Empire + Republic (different servers)
  • Status: Both ready for deployment
  • Time Zone: International but mostly euro
  • Server Type: PVE
  • Language: English
  • Chapter website: | SWTOR chapter
  • Application:Applications forum

Who are we?[edit source]

Ancient Order is a gaming community that originated in the Lord of the Rings Online a few years ago and expanded to play multiple MMOs and games together. We currently have Chapters in three other MMOs and have been ready (and waiting!) for some time to expand into the Stars Wars: The Old Republic tm universe for a while. Now the time is finally upon us and we would like to invite you to join our newest guild Chapter.

  • Comradeship, companionship, truth and honor are the values we all share.
  • We are a circle of casual gamers who believe in playing together for fun and friendship, and playing with respect and consideration for others.
  • We believe that actions speak louder than words, and expect our membership to uphold these values.
  • We are relaxed in our approach to roleplaying, believing that, like exotic spices, it enhances experience but should not dominate it.
  • All races and classes are welcome; membership is achieved through a a trial period
  • We seek those that shall remain true to the values the guild holds dear--laughter, sharing and adventure

Games we play[edit source]

Feel free to check our other websites. Ancient Order currently has Chapters in the following MMOs:

Of course we know how bad a feeling you get when servers are down so we have our own Minecraft server.

Not all of our members from these Chapters will be joinins us but a significant portion should be there at launch to get us rolling :)

Membership Guidelines[edit source]

  • We are seeking mature individuals as members.
  • We expect all members to behave in a respectful, honorable manner towards both guild members and outsiders.
  • Although leveling is obviously important, it is a means to and end and not the end in itself
  • Our focus is on the good companionship, fun and enjoyment we get out of gaming.
  • That being said, sufficient levels are needed to successfully hunt many desirous areas and to effectively engage in high-end play.
  • Our group goal is to assist other guild members to level so as to ensure ourselves of opportunities to gather together and game in all venues with our friends.
  • All new members begin life with the Ancient Order as an Initiate for the trial period after being invited
  • Essentially this means you are a fully functioning guild member with some very few restrictions.
  • The trial period is considered a time for each side to check the other out more fully.
  • Once an Initiate has obtained full Member status, they are treated as an autonomous, independent member of the guild.
  • Decisions to gift individually owned items to new Initiates are a personal matter.
  • Decisions to gift general guild resources to new Initiates shall be made on a case-by-case basis.
  • Should a member decide to depart, it is expected that he/she will make an effort to restore any guild-owned items.

Chapter Policies[edit source]

  • The first rule is that you all enjoy yourselves and have fun while in the Ancient Order.
  • We are a mature, social Guild, with regular events. To make the most of your time in the order, it is preferred that you have a basic commitment to these ideals.
  • Although we encourage jest and fun in the Guild chat channel, we do not tolerate any racial, sexual or other form of discrimination or abuse. Everybody from all walks of life are welcome here, and anybody abusing these freedoms will not be accepted and will be expelled.
  • Have a give-and-take mindset- when you receive help from the Guild, expect to provide help too.
  • Please make sure you register and make full use of the website where you will find all useful game info, events calendar, crafting order post and many blogs related to the Order and it’s members. You are strongly encouraged to make use of this excellent tool.
  • We have a Work Order System in place for requesting crafted items from our official Guild-Crafters. Please use it so crafters can keep track of orders and share the workload between them.
  • Anybody with other characters, in or out of the guild, is expected to add the names of these “alts” to their player notes on all of their characters, so we can all keep up with who’s who.
  • As we began, so we shall end- enjoy yourself, have fun and welcome to the Ancient Order!

Interested in Joining Us?[edit source]

If you managed to read through this Wall of Text then you must be what we are looking for I say! You can put an application in with us by registering and then posting in the | Applicants Quarters.

Got more questions?[edit source]

You can ask any questions related to our guild, its history and how we play through these different venues: