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Aeon Knights is a European Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game Community that was founded in 2006 in the beta stage of the game Lord Of The Rings Online. Since then we have played such games as WARhammer Online, Aion, Age of Conan and Mortal Online and we are now expanding to Star Wars The Old Republic.

What we offer

Aeon Knights can offer a mature social environment where everyone helps eachother.
  • Professionally designed website with forum
  • Teamspeak3 server
  • Internal Twitter
  • Facebook group
  • Steam group

Recruitment Info

We are looking for more active members. Before you apply you must realise that we require activity on the forums and on our TS3 server.

Sith Empire Aeon Knights Sith Empire
Faction Sith Empire
Recruiting Open
Focus PvE