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Acumen is a Hardcore Raiding Guild (with a side-interest in PvP) intending to premiere on release of the upcoming Massively Multiplayer Game, Star Wars: The Old Republic.

We are a mature guild looking to reach and complete all endgame raiding content, playing on the Republic side of the war.

Acumen consists currently of a select few members from top raiding guilds throughout a variety of MMOs. Every individual is dedicated to success both as a community of friends and as successful content achievers. Despite our emphasis on progression we do, however, place a huge importance on a family atmosphere in-game, above even that of content.

In the next few months, we will be inviting new members infrequently, though applications are welcome. We intend to maintain a small, extremely able group of players in anticipation of TOR's release. At launch, our rate of expansion will increase markedly to reach raiding numbers, though our current calibre of member will be preserved through our application system.

If interested in joining Acumen, please first read the Guild Manual which can be found in the forum section of this site. Then proceed in filling out our application form which can be accessed by clicking the "Apply to Guild" button in the top right of your browser. After submitting your application, please check our application sub-forum regularly ( and respond to any questions guild members may ask.