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Sith Empire 57th Squadron Sith Empire
Faction Empire
Recruiting Open
Focus Raids, PvP

Mission Statement[edit source]

57th Squadron is a gaming family dedicated to having fun with friends online while maintaining the highest standards of skill and sportsmanship. Not tied to any particular game or genre, 57th is open to all who enjoy gaming with friends. We welcome all challenges, be they in game or in life, and we face each with the same vigor and together.

Clan Overview:[edit source]

57th Squadron was founded in 1996 by Zahadoom. Originally starting out as a clan in the MechWarrior Series quickly found Dynamix’s Tribes emerging as the premier game for multiplayer online gaming. Starting out in the OGL with over 200 clans listed we were ultimately able to work out way to 8th in the OGL before it ended. In 1997, the 57th merged with the Midnight Squadron, founded by Capm and Tire, a Descent Clan, and the two merged and formed the 57th Midnight Squadron. Zahadoom and Capm, with the help and support of the membership expanded the clans ten-fold through the years spreading their concept of how to have fun and their sense of fair play to others in the online gaming community.

Through the years we have played with young adults and watched them go to college. We have seen members through college finals, writing of their college thesis, suffered through the their personal relationships and a variety of boyfriends and girlfriends. We have seen members marry, have children, divorce, go off to war and perish. Being a member in the 57th Midnight Squadron was like having another family.

Regrettably and with heavy heart the merger between the two clans was dissolved by Zahadoom on August 25, 2009. The Midnight Squadron shall always hold a special place in our hearts and we wish them well, but the 57th just maintain the standards we were built upon. The 57th Squadron reformed and continues to strive toward the same concepts and philosophies that have provided so much fun and friendships through the years.

57th Squadron Core Values[edit source]

All members of the 57th willingly, volunteer to carry the banner of loyalty, honor and camaraderie and bear it as a family fueled by purpose, unified in respect, and persevering through dedication to a single-minded group-effort, greater than our individual selves.

Honor:[edit source]

We maintain a keen sense of right and wrong and adhere to the principles of good behavior.

Purity of Heart[edit source]

Treating people with respect. Doing unto others, as you would have others do unto you.

Loyalty[edit source]

Faithfulness to our ideals, motives, beliefs and to each other is an essential part of our team. 57th Squadron is not just another group. We are Friends and Family. We are a shoulder to lean on, a friend to talk to, somebody to have fun with.

Respect[edit source]

You cannot have an organized and mature organization without a great deal of personal respect for other members. We go on vacations together, visit each other, and some of us have become roommates. This organization is not just a clan, it is a community of like minded and mature gamers who are as at home with each other online as they are in the real world. We are not an elitist organization, and do not discriminate except upon a member's attitude.

Maturity[edit source]

57th Squadron has a low tolerance for juvenile behavior. We frown upon people who think they are better then another person, We will not tolerate prejudice or elitism in any form. We do not respond to flames, insults, and attempts at starting an argument, be it from another clan or individual, or from within our organization. We believe in the old school internet system of mutual respect. One of the fastest ways out the door here is being disrespectful of other members of the clan and gaming community.

Having Fun[edit source]

Because that's why we're here in the first place; to have fun. There is some work in 57th Squadron, but it must not go to the extent that it infringes on our purpose of having fun. We're here to relax, have a good time, make some friends and memories that will last us a lifetime. There is no place for ego here.

If these concepts appeal to you and you are looking for a place to compete and have fun the 57th may be the home you have been looking for.