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Sith Empire Gauntlet
Sith Empire

Level 3 Sith Empire mission
Bounty Hunter Class Mission

Planet [[Hutta]]
Area [[Jiguuna]]
Location The Poison Pit
Vexx's Safe House
Start Character Creation
End [[Braden]]
Bonus Icon class bountyhunter.png [1] Clear Out Vexx's Safehouse

Mission Chain

Character Creation
Icon class bountyhunter.png  [3] Gauntlet
Icon class bountyhunter.png [1] Clear Out Vexx's Safehouse


Icon class bountyhunter.png  [4] The Last Flight
Icon class bountyhunter.png [3] Sending a Message


Icon class bountyhunter.png  [6] Big Chief
Icon class bountyhunter.png [5] Keeping Them in Line

Nem'ro the Hutt

Icon class bountyhunter.png  [7] Settling Accounts

Gauntlet is a level 3 mission available to Bounty Hunters. It is received by player characters on Hutta immediately after character creation. This mission is part of the Bounty Hunter class storyline and takes place in the area known as Jiguuna.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Braden, a famed but now retired bounty hunter, has recruited you for his team for The Great Hunt. You'll need sponsorship to get in, though. The local crime lord, Nem'ro the Hutt, has yet to offer his sponsorship to anyone, and Braden thinks if you can make a name for yourself, you can win that prize."

"Your first task is to hunt down a high-profile target named Vexx. Seacrg Vexx's safe house for any clues as to where he's hiding.

~ Star Wars: The Old Republic, Gauntlet mission description

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Rewards[edit | edit source]

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