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Mission Start[edit | edit source]

Lew Brell
Lew Brell
This [Jiguuna] is a gangster town, controlled by a greedy and cruel Hutt named Nem'ro--as if there was any other kind. Used to be I worked for Nem'ro's gang. Violent, bloody life. That's why I left. But now my little brother's following in my footsteps."

"Nem'ro's street gang leader, Rex Geer, is my old buddy. I though he might help get my brother out, but I can't get to Rex for all the fighting.

~ Lew Brell

The problem is, Nem'ro's enemy, Fa'athra, has my buddy Rex and his men pinned down. Fa'athra's gang are more like animals than people. If you could blast your way through them and talk to Rex--convinve him to let my brother go--I'd be grateful.
~ Lew Brell

Objective: Speak to Rex Geer[edit | edit source]

The Brell kid's a traitor. First time Fa'athra's thugs start shooting at us, he turns coward and tries to join their side. Nem'ro's going to have a lot of questions for him and I can't let him go.
~ Rex Geer

Objective: Speak to Lew Brell[edit | edit source]

Fa'athra don't look like he's about to let up, and if it gets much worse, Nem'ro might start being more picky about who he lets on board the shuttles.
~ Lew Brell

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