Gamorrean Axe

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Gamorrean Axe
Gamorrean Axe
Cartel Market Item
Binds on Equip
Main Hand (Melee), Offhand (Melee)
26.0-38.0 Kinetic Damage (Rating 8)
Durability: 200/200
Total Stats:
   +51 Force Power

Item Modifications
   Yellow Color Crystal (1)
   Hilt: Open
   Mod: Open
   Enhancement: Open

Requires Vibrosword

Gamorrean Axe is an artifact vibrosword. As a modifiable item, players can add and remove item modifications in order to improve the item's statistics and versatility.

Source[edit | edit source]

Gamorrean Axes can be purchased from the Cartel Market for Cartel coin.png 350.

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