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Galactic Republic Gadux Galactic Republic


Level 36 Vendor NPC

Allegiance Galactic Republic
Species Sullustan
Gender Male
Health 2720
Planet Balmorra
Region [[Farnel Outpost Command Center]]

Gadux is a Crew Skill trade vendor in the Farnel Outpost Command Center on the planet Balmorra.

Vendor[edit | edit source]

Vendor Store
528745.gif Advanced Power Implant Processor Credit.png 400

Oxidizingflux3.png Brazing Flux Credit.png 200

532090.gif Brocart Filaments Credit.png 150

Oxidizingflux1.png Conductive Flux Credit.png 10

534538.gif Cortosis Substrate Credit.png 400

531884.gif Demicot Silk Credit.png 100

528761.gif Double-Pulse Implant Processor Credit.png 200

528873.gif D-Package Implant Processor Credit.png 50

529807.gif Fibrous Nylite Solution Credit.png 10

527501.gif First Aid Kit Credit.png 10

527262.gif Hypo-syringe Credit.png 10

Oxidizingflux2.png Insulating Flux Credit.png 50

529029.gif Single-Pulse Implant Processor Credit.png 10

532140.gif Thermoionic Gel Suspension Credit.png 50

Oxidizingflux4.png Thermoplast Flux Credit.png 400

536895.gif Zeyd-cloth Credit.png 250

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