Flex Heavy Belt

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Flex Heavy Belt / Flex Heavy Belt
Flex Heavy Belt
Binds on Equip
Heavy Armor (Rating 76)
   288 Armor
Durability: 120/120
Total Stats:
   +26 Mastery
   +30 Endurance
   +3 Defense Rating

Requires Level 33
Requires Heavy Armor

Flex Heavy Belts are premium-quality heavy armor. They can be created by player characters through the use of the Synthweaving Crew Skill.

Source[edit | edit source]

Flex Heavy Belts are player-created equipment. They can be produced by players trained in the Synthweaving Crew Skill.


Schematic source 

The schematic used to create Savant Sash is taught by Synthweaving Trainers.

Reverse engineering[edit | edit source]

SchematicboxTop|type=Synthweaving Schematics Schematicbox/Critical Flex Heavy Belt Schematicbox/Overkill Flex Heavy Belt Schematicbox/Redoubt Flex Heavy Belt SchematicboxBottom

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