Field Skill Stim

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Field Skill Stim
Field Skill Stim

Requires Level 24

Use: Increases Cunning by 42 for 60 minutes. Only one stimpack can be active at a time.

Field Skill Stims are basic stimpacks.

Use[edit | edit source]

Upon activation of a Field Skill Stim, a character's Cunning attribute is increased by 42 points for the next 60 minutes. Each character can only benefit from a single stimpack at any one time; if a new stimpack is activated before the duration of another has expired, the effect of the previous stimpack will be replaced by the effect of the most recently used item.

Source[edit | edit source]

Field Skill Stim can be bought from level appropriate stimulant and medical droid vendors. They can also be gathered as random world item drops from level appropriate chests.

Vendor store price
  • Credit.png 1,750

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