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Fervor Stealth Belts are Artifact-quality waist slot Medium Armor. They can be created by player characters through the use of the Armormech Crew Skill.

Fervor Stealth Belt / Fervor Stealth Belt
Fervor Stealth Belt
Binds on Equip
Medium Armor (Rating 38)
   92 Armor
Durability: 100/100
Total Stats:
   +9 Mastery
   +6 Endurance
   +4 Accuracy Rating
   +3 Critical Rating

Requires Level 9
Requires Medium Armor



Armormech crew skillEdit

Fervor Stealth Belts are player-created items. They can be produced by characters trained in the Armormech Crew Skill.

Schematic source
The schematic used to create Fervor Stealth Belts can be obtained by reverse engineering the Prototype-quality version of the item.

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