Dutiful Soldier

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Galactic Republic Dutiful Soldier Galactic Republic

Dutiful Soldier

Level 4 Ranged
HP: 130

Allegiance Galactic Republic
Species Human
Gender Male
Planet Ord Mantell
Region Talloran Village
Location X: 486 Y: -22 Z:

Dutiful Soldier is a Human soldier located in Talloran Village on Ord Mantell.

Dialog[edit | edit source]

Argument with Impatient Soldier

Impatient Soldier: Any word?
Dutiful Soldier: Same as last time: "Hold the line, return fire if fired upon, await instructions."
Impatient Soldier: What is this, a staring contest? Why don't they just send us in?
Dutiful Soldier: We go when we go. Quit complaining

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