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Mission Start[edit | edit source]

My son is gifted. Do you understand me? Gifted, in the Force. He has the ability to train on Korriban and become Sith! My husband trained on Korriban. he had his chance at glory but failed--now he runs errand for a slimy Hutt. I will not have my son do the same!
~ Gianna

Objective: Speak to Mekks[edit | edit source]

I was once an acolyte on at the Academy on Korriban. There's no failure at the Sith Academy. Those who can't cut it, die. I got wise and fled before they could kill me, and I'll die before I see my son eaten alive by those Sith dogs!
~ Kendrel

Correspondence: Escaping Hutta[edit | edit source]

The following correspondence is received if a player character allows Kendrel to leave Hutta with his son. Attached to the message is 22 credits:

I didn't get a chance to thank you for helping my son and I escape Hutta. Now, with a few hundred light-years behind us, it occurs to me how much I owe you."

"If Gianna had managed to send Zi'am to Korriban, he'd be dead in a matter of months--or he'd have become a monster. I've seen too much of the Sith Academy to think otherwise."

"Now the boy has a chance. If he's gifted in the Force, I'll teach him what I can and keep him away from Sith and Jedi. There must be somewhere in the galaxy we can find peace."

"Thank you for your compassion, however you found it.

~ Kendrel

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