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Sith Empire Darth Hexid Sith Empire
[[File:Companion Contact - Darth Hexid.png|250px|Darth Hexid]]
Allegiance: [[Sith Empire]]
Species: [[Zabrak]]
Gender: Female
Weapon(s): Double-bladed Lightsaber
Voice actor/actress: Abigail Marlowe
''Darth Hexid is a connoisseur of the dark side. Renowned for her brutal combat prowess and decadent lifestyle, she enjoys the many pleasures of a celebrated Sith, whether savoring exotic feasts held in her honor or hunting down her foes as they flee in a panic. Instead of joining the political infighting of her Sith peers, she amuses herself by watching their rabid power games from the sidelines--lightsaber in one hand, spice wine in the other.

Darth Hexid earned infamy following her devastating triumphs in the Great Galactic War, but it was the Sith Order's crushing defeat at the hands of Zakuul's conquering army that forever defined her. She now pursues the complete annihilation of the Eternal Empire. Vengeance will be hers, even if it demands a pact with the Outlander's Alliance.''

~ In-game description.

Darth Hexid is a female zabrak companion character earned through a special Feat of Strength achievement.

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Upon completion of the 5.10 storyline on Ossus, if the player was an ally to the Sith Empire then they will receive the following mail;

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