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Dark side points are points you earn by making decisions throughout the game. Most of the time these decisions are bad, or what a Sith would do; but in some cases dark side points are considered just. For instance, if you are in a village and they ask you to help them with a threat while your superiors have commanded you to go away. If you help these villagers you may gain dark side points even if it was the "right" thing to do.

Effects on characters[edit | edit source]

The more dark side decisions a character makes, the more their appearance will change to reflect this. Their armor will have a darker look, facial features such as glowing eyes and purple veins start to appear, and the NPCs in the game will respect you in a different way.

Dark side points are permanant, but if a character wishes to switch to the light side they simply need to collect enough Light side points to unbalance their alingment.