Daily Commendation

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Daily Commendation
Daily Commendation

These commendations can be used to purchase a variety of gear and other specialty equipment, including some of the best Relics currently available. Mission Support vendors can be found on Ilum, The Black Hole, and Section X.

Daily Commendations are primarily acquired from [DAILY] and [WEEKLY] missions in the following areas:

Section X, The Black Hole, Ilum, Belsavis, and hard mode flashpoints.

Daily Commendations are currency items that can be earned by completing daily and weekly missions on the planets Belsavis and Ilum and from The Black Hole and Section X. They can be used to purchase specialty items from Mission Support commendation vendors.

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Daily Commendations are mission rewards that can be obtained from daily and weekly missions. They can also be obtained from hard mode flashpoints.

Weekly mission reward
Galactic Republic [50W] The Black Hole
Galactic Republic [50W] Deadly Opeartions
Galactic Republic [50W] Galactic Crisis Points
Galactic Republic [50W] Galactic Operations
Galactic Republic [50W] The Nightmare Pilgrim
Galactic Republic [50W] Rakghoul Conflicts
Galactic Republic [50W] Section X Crisis
Sith Empire [50W] The Black Hole
Sith Empire [50W] Deadly Opeartions
Sith Empire [50W] Galactic Crisis Points
Sith Empire [50W] Galactic Operations
Sith Empire [50W] The Nightmare Pilgrim
Sith Empire [50W] Rakghoul Conflicts
Sith Empire [50W] Section X Crisis

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