Czerka VX-736 Injector

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Czerka VX-736 Injector
Czerka VX-736 Injector

Requires Level 20

Use: Experimental vaccine from Czerka Corp that cures Womp Rat Fever, and temporarily makes you immune from further infection. Increases out of combat health regeneration by 10%.

Czerka VX-736 Injectors are vaccines for Womp Rat Fever, which is acquired from Womp Rats on Tatooine.

Use[edit | edit source]

Upon activation of a Czerka VX-736 Injector, characters are Vaccinated and gain an 8 hour buff that increases out of combat health regeneration. This cures Womp Rat Fever and prevents further infections while the buff is active.

Source[edit | edit source]

Czerka VX-736 Injectors can be bought from Tatooine and Republic Fleet stimulant and medical droid vendors.

Vendor store price
  • Credit.png 400

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