Czerka Core Meltdown

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Czerka Core Meltdown

Czerka Core Meltdown

Galactic Republic and Sith Empire Tactical Flashpoint

Location CZ-198

Czerka Core Meltdown is an end-game tactical flashpoint introduced with Patch 2.3.0 on August 6, 2013 and available to both Empire and Republic players. It is the second part of the "Titans of Industry" story arc, with Czerka Corporate Labs being part 1. It can be completed in Story Mode and Hard Mode.

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Geography[edit | edit source]

Czerka Core Meltdown is located on the moon CZ-198. The entrance to this flashpoint can be found in Lab Terminal 2-B for Republic players and Lab Terminal 2-A for Imperial players.

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Achievements[edit | edit source]

This flashpoint has two sets of achievements, one for story mode and the other for hard mode. Each set of achievements awards 205 points total. Available achievements are related to kills of each boss (1/10/25) and full boss clears of the flashpoint.

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