Crisis in Galactic City/Notes

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Correspondence[edit | edit source]

Expose the Senator's corruption[edit | edit source]

If you decide to expose Senator Kayl's corruption, you will receive a mail titled A Message from the Supreme Chancellor from Supreme Chancellor Janarus with 1 Coruscant Commendation attached.

To the hero of the old Galactic Market:

Your recent actions defending Coruscant against the Migrant Merchants' Guild deserve to be applauded--and they will be, by ordinary citizens and the security forces alike.

But equally important, to my mind, are your actions afterward in pursuit of justice. By exposing Senator Kayl's corruption, you defended the spirit of the Republic we hold dear.

Senator Kayl was not an evil woman. But the moment she placed her political goals--however noble--above the principles of the people and state she served, she ceased to possess the right to govern.

As of today, the Senate has accepted Kayl's resignation. Further action will be left to the discretion of the courts.

I am proud to work for a citizen like you.''

~ A Message from the Supreme Chancellor mail text