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Anitol RossparEdit

  • Choice: "You earned quite a reputation on Tython. Personally ending a threat to the Jedi Temple... inspiring."
  +15 with T7-O1 "It was nothing."
  • Choice: "I read the report about your handling of Nalen Raloch on Tython. Extraordinary work for a young Jedi."
  +15 with Qyzen Fess "Age is only a number."
  • Choice: "I realize you can't discuss it, Lieutenant--but thank you for exposing the traitors on Ord Mantell."
  +15 with Aric Jorgan "I'm not done with them."
  • Choice: "Considering your recent accomplishments, I shouldn't be surprised to find you traveling together. Greatness attracts greatness."
  +15 with Aric Jorgan "My missions are classified."
  -1 with T7-O1 "And unwelcome attention."
  • Choice: "Senator Kayl believes you're specially qualified to deal with a dangerous and urgent threat. She'd appreciate the favor of a meeting--immediately."
  +15 with T7-O1 "My Master is waiting."
  +15 with Qyzen Fess "My Master needs help."
  +15 with Aric Jorgan "Just tell me the problem."
  -1 with T7-O1 "Tell your boss I said "no.""
  • Choice: "Senator Kayl leads the effort to rebuild what was destroyed during the Sith Empire's invasion. Healing those old wounds has been slow and painful."
  +15 with Aric Jorgan or Qyzen Fess "The Sith left here years ago."
  -1 with T7-O1 "Just like this conversation."

Captain WinbornEdit

  • Choice: "These gangsters are smart--organized. Clearly trained offworld. They'll kill thousands. Might even destroy the Senate tower.
  +15 with Aric Jorgan, Corso Riggs, Qyzen Fess or T7-O1 "Leave the fighting to me."
  -1 with Aric Jorgan, Corso Riggs, or T7-O1 "No great loss."
  • Choice: "They'll cause thousands of mid-air collisions. It'll rain debris on the Senate tower like a meteor storm. No telling how many will die."
  +15 with T7-O1 "One is too many."
  +15 with Aric Jorgan "Enough explaining--let's move."
  +15 with Aric Jorgan, Corso Riggs, or T7-O1 "Evacuate the Senate."
  • Choice: "This is way above my pay grade. I'm not destroying the reputation of Coruscant's most popular politician. Take the recording. I don't want it."
  +15 with T7-O1 "You have an obligation."
  +15 with Qyzen Fess "Don't let fear control you."
  +15 with Aric Jorgan "Do your job, Captain."
  -1 with Aric Jorgan, Qyzen Fess, or T7-O1 "Neither do I."

Senator Vanara KaylEdit

  • Choice: "The refugees took over the old Galactic Market sector, huddling in shops and warehouses that were abandoned during the Sacking of Coruscant. They refuse to leave."
  +15 with Aric Jorgan, Corso Riggs, or T7-O1 "Sounds bad."
  -1 with Qyzen Fess "What's being done to help?"
  +15 with Qyzen Fess "At least they have homes."
  • Choice: "The Migrant Merchants' Guild began as a political advocacy group for refugees. Over the years, it transformed into a ruthless and murderous criminal syndicate."
  +15 with Corso Riggs or T7-O1 "The poor refugees."
  +15 with Aric Jorgan "Who's in charge of it?"
  -1 with Corso Riggs or T7-O1 "Just evict them all."
  • Choice: "Earlier today, their thugs took to the streets. They attacked our security personnel, set fires, began rioting. We're facing an armed insurrection."
  -1 with Aric Jorgan "Send in your army."
  • Choice: "The comm channels are jammed. We've lost contact with our security forces. I need your help ending this crisis. The criminals must not win."
  +15 with Aric Jorgan, Corso Riggs, or T7-O1 "I'll do what I can."
  -1 with Aric Jorgan "Your forces are probably dead."
  • Choice: "Your people will have to wait their turn like everyone else. I owe you nothing. If you continue pushing me, I'll destroy you all."
  +15 with Corso Riggs or T7-O1 "Is that really the Senator?"
  +15 with Aric Jorgan or -1 affection with Corso Riggs "Well, that figures."
  • Choice: "Unfortunately, you also have a holorecording I would like destroyed. Its contents will only cause harm."
  +15 with T7-O1 "You dealt with gangsters."
  +15 with Aric Jorgan "This attack was your fault."
  -1 with Aric Jorgan or Qyzen Fess "Everything is negotiable."
  • Choice: "But I didn't possess as much wealth as he did. When those gangsters approached me, I accepted their "donation"--and I'd do it again."
  +15 with Aric Jorgan or Qyzen Fess "You've learned nothing."
  -1 with Aric Jorgan or Qyzen Fess "I don't blame you at all."
  • Choice: "You hold the power to ensure my success. Let me finish healing this world. Please destroy that recording."
  +100 and   +40 with Aric Jorgan, Qyzen Fess, or T7-O1 "No, the truth must come out."
  +100 and   -30 with Aric Jorgan or Qyzen Fess "All right. [Destroy recording]"
  • Choice: "I won't force you to go public. I'll call an emergency meeting in the Senate. Tell them the truth. Let them decide."
  +15 with Corso Riggs or T7-O1 "That's for the best."
  +15 with Aric Jorgan or Qyzen Fess or -1 affection with Corso Riggs "You deserve a harsh sentence."
  • Choice: "Thank you. I won't forget what you've done for me--for Coruscant."
  -1 with Aric Jorgan or Qyzen Fess "For compensation."