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A list of Corso Riggs' comments and mission conversations.

Comments[edit | edit source]

Triggered when entering a specific area.

Entering Organa Castle on Alderaan:

  • What do we do if some duke or baroness shows up? Salute? Curtsy? Wink knowingly?

Entering House Organa grounds on Alderaan:

  • This is Organa Palace? Where I'm from, you coud fit a whole town in there.

Fighting Killiks on Alderaan:

  • I'm a "live and let live" sort of fella, but the Killiks are pushing my tolerance.

Entering Farnel Outpost Command Center/Bugtown on Balmorra:

  • Could the Republic have picked a creepier place to hang out? Keep expecting giant bugs to come out of the walls.

Remarks[edit | edit source]

When summoned:

  • Howdy.
  • Glad to be back in action.
  • Good to see ya.
  • How are ya?
  • Let's have us some fun, Captain.

When dismissed:

  • What, you done with me?
  • Later.
  • Fine, could use some shut eye.
  • See ya.
  • Bye.

When clicked:

  • You know I enjoy talkin', but I've got nothin'to say.
  • Right behind you, Captain.
  • Lead on....
  • You got it.
  • You ever get the feeling we're in over our heads?
  • You got guts, Captain. I hope you don't mind if I come along to take a few hits for you.
  • I didn't think it was possible for this job to get more complicated.
  • Full speed ahead.
  • Don't worry about me.
  • What's our play, Captain?
  • Don't know why you're lookin' at me. You're in charge.
  • Let me get back to you later, Captain.
  • I'll say one thing, travelling with you is never dull...
  • Can't we ever go to a nice world?
  • You've got an interesting idea of fun.
  • Anything you want, Captain.

Combat[edit | edit source]

Start of combat:

  • Got a fight on our hands.
  • Let's do this right!
  • Come on, Captain!
  • Going to take 'em down.


  • Fight me fair!
  • There's more where this came from!
  • I'm going in blasting.
  • Take that!
  • I've had enough!
  • Yeeha!
  • Woooeeee!

Low on health:

  • Don't let me die!
  • Dying!
  • Gonna die here!
  • Really dying!
  • Close to death!

Kills an enemy:

  • That's right, I got you.
  • Now you're dumb, ugly and dead.
  • Got the tools and the talent.

Revived after combat:

  • Much obliged.
  • Whew. Thanks.
  • Still got some fight in me.

Companion Quests[edit | edit source]

A Rare Vintage (romance) quest:

Corso: I've been saving this bottle for a long time, Captain. It's a rare vintage, Ord Mantell 432 BTC. I thought I'd use it when we had reason to celebrate. But most of our victories aren't really the "raise a toast" type.
  • Captain: (What are we toasting?) You have something you want to celebrate?
Corso: I hope I do.
  • Captain: (Why wait?) We could die tomorrow. Let's make tonight special.
Corso: That's what I was hoping.
  • Captain: (Get to the point.) Is there something you are trying to say?
Corso: I think we've gotten past the wink and nod stage. You have changed my world. I've never met a woman like you, and I think that's because there are no others. You are amazing.
Corso: Captain, it would be my great pleasure if you'd share this bottle with me. Maybe somewhere... private.
  • Captain: ([Flirt] Keep the bottle....) We can save the wine for after.... +200 Influence : Corso Riggs approves.
  • Captain: (I accept.) I've never spent the night with a proper Mantellian gentleman before. +200 Influence : Corso Riggs approves.
Corso: I hope it's the first of many.
  • Captain: (I don't think so.) Maybe some other time. +50 Influence : Corso Riggs disapproves.
Corso: You take the bottle, then, Captain. Save it for when you are ready to celebrate.
(choices 1 and 2 result in a cutscene)
Corso: My life'd be about perfect if I could stay right here forever. I won't let anyone hurt you again.
  • Captain: (I don't need to be protected.) Just because you like watching my rear, doesn't mean I can't still kick yours. +200 Influence : Corso Riggs approves.
Corso: There's things a man's got to do. And one is keep his lady safe. Even if she could blast him into component atoms.
  • Captain: (You think we are done?) Don't you have better things to do with your mouth than all this yapping? +200 Influence : Corso Riggs approves.
Corso: Like this?
  • Captain: (I like when you say that.) You were right. Sometimes it is nice to have someone who'll take care of you. +200 Influence : Corso Riggs approves.
Corso: Any time you need me, Captain. Now, tomorrow, or when we're both old and gray.

A Simpler Life quest:

Corso: You ever think about getting away from all this, Captain? The war? The Hutts? All of it? Ord's at peace now. It'd be a simpler life.
  • Captain: ([Flirt] Don't go.) I'd miss you. +200 Influence : Corso Riggs approves.
Corso: Well, now, Captain, that's enough to keep me here a long, long time.
  • Captain: (You want to give up?) Aren't you the one who said we can't turn our backs on the war? +200 Influence : Corso Riggs approves.
Corso: Nah, that was some other kid you picked up on Ord Mantell. After everything we've done... guess I'm just feeling like hiding my head in the sand. Viidu always had something to say about that--"gets you shot in the end." Better to face it head-on.
  • Captain: (So go, then.) If that's what you really wanted, you'd stop moaning and just do it! +50 Influence : Corso Riggs disapproves.
Corso: That's a good point, Captain.

Class Missions[edit | edit source]

During The Wealth of Exiles if romanced:

Lenn Teraan: ... Please, call me Lenn.
Captain: ([Flirt] I will, handsome.) You're the best thing I've seen all day, Lenn. +50 Influence : Corso Riggs disapproves.
Lenn Teraan: The last time a woman made me blush, I was just a boy.
Corso: Got news for you, Slick--you're still just a boy.
Cedonia Teraan: How shocking, that you'd rather stay and entertain a female guest. Very well, I'll return as soon as I'm able.
Captain: ([Flirt] No rush.) Don't hurry back.
Lenn Teraan: I thought she'd never leave. My dear sister has the charisma of a Killik. You, on the other hand, are endlessly charming.
Corso: I hope you're not falling for any of Slick's nonsense.
  • Captain: (Of course not.) Don't get your feathers ruffled, Corso. +200 Influence : Corso Riggs approves.
Corso: I'm just looking out for you.
  • Captain: (He's a gentleman. You're not.) You could learn a few things from Lenn. +50 Influence : Corso Riggs disapproves.
Corso: This room's getting a little stuffy for me. Think I'll get some fresh air...
  • Captain: (Be quiet.) Zip your lip and sit tight, farm boy. +50 Influence : Corso Riggs disapproves.
Corso: Whatever you say, "boss".
Cedonia Teraan: Lenn, see to our hero's payment.
Lenn Teraan: Nothing would please me more, dear sister.
Corso: Oh, brother. Let me know when you're done with Slick.
  • Captain: (Don't leave me alone with him.) I need you with me, Corso. +200 Influence : Corso Riggs approves.
Corso: Anything you want, Captain.
  • Captain: (Expect a call tomorrow.) This might take a while. +50 Influence : Corso Riggs disapproves.
  • Captain: (This won't take long.) We're done as soon as he pays me. +200 Influence : Corso Riggs approves.