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Tuk'ata Codex Illustration

The Tuk'ata codex entry is located within the Bestiary section of a player's codex once it has been unlocked. It provides information on the Tuk'ata species.

Codex text[edit | edit source]

These oversized hounds were bred to be fearless and relentless. Left to guard the Sith tombs of Korriban, they have sharp horns, long claws and savage teeth. They are unusually intelligent and seem capable of communicating with one another through unknown means.

It is said that the species was nonviolent and grazing before being corrupted by Sith alchemical experiments that awakened a latent part of their brains and changed them into unnatural abominations. Random mutations now occur that produce some tuk'ata that can live for centuries and grow to immense proportions.

~ Star Wars: The Old Republic, Tuk'ata codex entry

Entry details[edit | edit source]

This codex entry is unlocked by defeating a mob.

Planet Korriban
Area Lower Wilds Outskirts
Mob Wild Tuk'ata

Rewards[edit | edit source]

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