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The First Son is a codex entry found within Persons of Note section of a player's codex once it has been unlocked. It can be earned on the planet Corellia by Jedi Consulars and it provides a brief biography of The First Son.

Codex entry

The Sith Emperor seeks to shape all things to his will. His Children, individuals infused with part of his being, have been scattered throughout the Republic, knowingly--or unknowingly--manipulating events to the Emperor's advantage over the years. Above them all is the First Son of the Emperor, a master strategist placed within the Jedi Council itself."

"Cloaked in the identity of Master Syo Bakarn, the First Son has been hiding the Children from the Jedi for decades, playing a long game with the Republic. His actions suggest a man possessing remarkable patience, ruthlessness and power. However, as Sophia Farash claimed, Master Syo has been unaware of the First Son's existence--suggesting he and the First Son are two separate personas.

~ Star Wars: The Old Republic, The First Son codex entry

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