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Lieutenant Iresso is codex entry found within the Consular section of a player's codex once it has been unlocked. It can be earned on the planet Hoth by Jedi Consulars and it provides a brief biography of Lieutenant Iresso.

Codex entry

"The son of refugees made homeless during the Great War, Lieutenant Felix Iresso has been a career soldier for many years. His file shows participation in several notable battles, including the so-called Eight-Hour Invasion of Dubrillion where Republic forces repelled an Imperial invasion force with minimal reinforcements. Since then, Lieutenant Iresso has earned excellent technical scores and commendations for exemplary service."

"However, his file also contains some discrepancies. Lieutenant Iresso has one of the highest transfer rates in the Republic military, serving under almost a dozen commanders across the galaxy in two years. The lieutenant has also been overlooked for promotion several times. The only explanation from his superiors is a reference to an incident on Althir where Lieutenant Iresso was captured by the Empire, but no details are given."

"Likes: Republic military, leadership, danger for the greater good, honor and mercy"
"Dislikes: Breaking the law, cruelty"
"Primary Stat: Aim"
"Secondary Stat: Endurance"
"Primary Weapon: Blaster Rifle"
"Secondary Weapon: Shield Generator"

Entry details

The Lieutenant Iresso codex entry can be unlocked by Jedi Counsulars.

Planet Hoth
Area Hoth Republic Base
Mission Chasing the Legend

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