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Kaon is a codex entry located within the lore section of a player's codex once it has been unlocked.


Codex text[edit | edit source]

A remote but strategically important world in the Tion Cluster, Kaon was once a trade hub in Xim the Despot’s ancient empire. While Xim’s death and his empire’s collapse turned Kaon into a ghost of its former self, it was to reclaim its glory centuries later when, with the Tion Hegemony fragmented, the Tionese prince Matteus Zaym fled to quiet, safe Kaon to avoid assassination. Prince Matteus turned out to be a surprisingly capable administrator. He sank what remained of his wealth into Kaon–growing its trade ports, building an impressive palace and investing in the arts. Gradually, Kaon became a peaceful, cultured retreat for the Tion Hegemony’s nobility. Today, Kaon’s value is both symbolic and practical. To the galaxy at large, it occupies a key strategic position; to the Tionese, it represents the power and sophistication of their nobility, and perhaps a vision of what a galaxy under the House of Tion’s rule could have been like.