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Hutta Swamps Codex Illustration

Hutta Swamps is a codex entry found within the Locations section of a player's codex once it has been unlocked. It can be earned on the planet Hutta and provides a brief background and summary of Evocii Swamp.

Codex entry[edit | edit source]

Outside the settled and industrialized sectors of Hutta are the swamps--land occupied only by the desperate and foolhardy. Mutated animal life and crazed bog people are a threat to all ground transport; the Hutts normally travel by air, leaving their humanoid servants to move by foot or landspeeder."

"Swampland covers nearly half of Hutta’s surface, uninhabitable by galactic standard due to the level of pollutants in the water and air. This wasn’t always the case--before the Hutts migrated to the planet, most of what is now swampland was jungle and ocean. Over centuries of intentional planetary engineering and simple neglect, however, the jungles died and the oceans were drained and chemically converted.

~ Star Wars: The Old Republic, Hutta Swamps codex entry

Entry details[edit | edit source]

Hutta Swamps is unlocked when a character first enters the area known as the Evocii Swamp, located on the planet Hutta. Only players belonging to the Sith Empire faction can earn this codex unlock.

Planet Hutta
Area Evocii Swamp [-248, 487]

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