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Gormegan-1 Codex Illustration

The Gormegan-1 codex entry is located within the Locations section of a player's codex once it has been unlocked.

Codex text[edit | edit source]

Despite their incredible affinity for technology, the Gormak are still a backward species in many ways. Although they are capable of repairing, modifying and improving tech created by more advanced cultures, they are mired in a pre-spaceflight culture and confined to their homeworld.

Now, under the guidance of Jokull–a visionary warrior who has risen up to lead his people–the Gormak are approaching the dawn of a new age. Hidden away inside Gorma-Koss, dozens of tribes have united to build a starship capable of interstellar flight. Using pieces and equipment salvaged from the Empire, the Republic and even the Voss, they have made slow but steady progress, marching towards the future.

Should the Gormak successfully complete the vessel, it will forever alter the destiny of their people by making them a force within greater galactic culture. The long-term consequences of such a radical breakthrough are difficult to predict, but the Gormak firmly believe their first starship is the key to their ultimate survival.

~ Star Wars: The Old Republic, Gormegan-1 codex entry

Entry details[edit | edit source]

You get this codex in The Gormak Lands around [35, 2525]

Planet Voss
Area The Gormak Lands [35, 2525]
Lore Object

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