Codex/Galactic History 47: Naddist Rebels

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Galactic History 47: Naddist Rebels

Galactic History 47: Naddist Rebels is a codex entry found within the Achievements: Datacrons section of a player's codex once it has been unlocked. It can be earned on the planet Alderaan.

Codex entry[edit | edit source]

This datacron holds unheard of power and knowledge collected by an ancient race. You access its power and discover writings which are clearly only one small piece of a massive galactic history:

With Queen Amanoa dead, Onderon enjoyed a brief period of peace, but a shadow still hung over the planet. So-called "Naddist Rebels" began to emerge, a sect that revered the teachings of the Sith Lord Freedon Nadd. Master Arca Jeth and his students sought to cleanse Onderon of Nadd’s influence by moving Nadd’s sarcophagus to Onderon’s moon, Dxun, but they were ambushed by Naddists who stole the sarcophagus.

While seeking out the Naddists, Arca Jeth discovered that King Ommin, long thought dead, was being kept alive in a secret facility. Also a follower of Nadd, Ommin joined forces with Nadd’s undying spirit and managed to capture Arca Jeth. The king fled to a secret stronghold while Arca Jeth’s student, Ulic Qel-Droma, called for Republic reinforcements. '

~ Star Wars: The Old Republic, Galactic History 47: Naddist Rebels codex entry

Entry details[edit | edit source]

At the second floor of Castle Panteer, you have to go through a damaged door to get the second floor.

Planet Alderaan
Area Castle Panteer
Datacron [-2508, -425]

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