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Fa'athra's Palace codex illustration

Fa'athra's Palace is a codex entry is located within the Locations section of a player's codex once it has been unlocked.


Codex entryEdit

Like the palace of Nem'ro, Fa'athra's palace is modeled after the capitol building in the Hutta city of Bilbousa. Unlike the palace of Nem'ro, Fa'athra's home is a veritable deathtrap–built with warfare and defense as its primary purpose, rather than business and luxury.

Fa'athra employs several different mercenary groups to patrol the palace grounds and corridors. Each mercenary organization is given information only about its own territory and has no information about the rest of the palace's defenses. Fa'athra's paranoia guarantees that no single betrayal can cause his downfall, but it may also be his greatest weakness.

~ Star Wars: The Old Republic, Fa'athra's Palace codex entry

Entry detailsEdit

This codex is unlocked by entering an area.

Planet Hutta
Area Fa'athra's Palace [435, 680]


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