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This quest awards no affection or alignment points; the dialog transcript is provided merely for lore purposes.

1st Cutscene -- Poison Pit Cantina[edit | edit source]

Keeper: "Secure transmission established. This is Keeper. We may speak freely, agent; prepare to receive your orders."
  • Understood. ("I'm ready, sir. What's the assignment?")
Keeper: "In short, subversion."
  • You're in charge? ("I take it you're my handler.")
Keeper: "Correct. I’m speaking to you from service headquarters on Dromund Kaas. I’ll be directing you personally on this mission."
  • Nice place. ("Keeper--should I be thanking you for these lovely accommodations?")
Keeper: "Don't get cute and don't waste my time. You're here to work."

Keeper: "You were chosen for this operation because of your exemplary performance during training. Imperial Intelligence needs agents capable of working independently in the field. Now you apply your training in the real world. Nem'ro the Hutt and his organization run Jiguuna, and you’re in town to convince Nem'ro to supply the Empire."
  • Got it. ("I understand. How do I proceed?")
  • I want all the details. ("Give me background. What are we working from?")
Keeper: "Jiguuna is an industrial town, and Nem'ro runs most of the industry. The Hutt plies weapons, drugs and raw materials--but not to us. We believe Nem'ro has been reluctant to lose Republic customers by publicly siding with the Empire. It's time he overcame his reluctance."
  • Agreed. ("You're absolutely right.")
  • How? ("By force? Or did you have another method in mind?")
Keeper: "It's too early to say for certain."
  • So you come to me. ("And I'm your means of making that happen.")
Keeper: "That's correct, Agent."
  • That's not my specialty. ("You realize I'm not exactly a diplomat.")
Keeper: "If the situation requires a diplomat, you will become a diplomat. But for now, a lighter touch is required."

Keeper: "We need to know what Nem'ro and his advisors are thinking before we can act. I want you to obtain access to the Nem'ro clan's inner circle. You'll require a cover identity. One of our contacts--an alien named Jheeg--has prepared a background for you and will provide the details."
  • So where to? ("How do I find him?")
  • Cover identity? ("So who am I going to be?")
Keeper: "You'll be taking the role of a visiting pirate and trader. As I said, our contact will give you the details."
  • Oh, this is easy. ("Trust me, Keeper--I don't need any help to get close to a Hutt.")
Keeper: "Don't underestimate the Nem'ro clan. The galaxy has seen more effective gangsters, but rarely more sadistic ones."

Keeper: "Jheeg will be waiting for you at a safe house. Locat him, take what he offers, then report to me."
  • Is Jheeg reliable? ("Are we sure this contact is trustworthy?")
Keeper: "Jheeg won't betray us. Whether he succeeds at his assigned tasks is another matter. I'd be more concerned with the rest of the populace."
  • All right. ("Consider it done.")
  • Any dangers? ("Should I expect trouble?")

Keeper: "Most of Jiguna is caught up in a turf war. Some of the gangs involved belong to the Hutts; others are independent. Your combat training should see you through, but expect brutality and expect to be targeted. Jiguuna isn't friendly to strangers. Now find Jheeg and report back to me. Keeper out."

2nd Cutscene -- Jiguuna[edit | edit source]

Jheeg: "You. You are here softly, from the Empire. I am Jheeg. I am expecting you. I have your new identity."
  • What's your story? ("How did an alien on Hutta end up working for the Empire?")
(If human or cyborg) Jheeg: "They offer me money. I agree to take money. Very good arrangement. Now, I am helping you."
(If alien) Jheeg: "They offer me money. Much like you? Now, I am helping another Imperial alien."
  • Let's hear it. ("I'm listening. Continue."
  • This isn't safe. ("Talk fast. I don't want to be seen with you."
Jheeg: "Very fast. Very good.

Jheeg: "You know the Red Blade? Small-time pirate. Rich. Mysterious. No one knows true species, gender, color. I planted rumors, made Nem'ro think the Red Blade is coming to visit--enjoy Hutt palace, do business. You will be the Blade. No one will doubt you.
  • How's this work? ("What'll I have to do?")
Jheeg: "Real Blade brings tribute to friends; brings presents, bribes. Real Blade is far away, now, exploring the Outer Rim; won’t cause trouble."
  • What about the real Blade? ("If there's another Red Blade out there, won't that be a problem?")
Jheeg: "No. Real Blade is far away now, looking for new trade in the Outer Rim. Out of contact; won’t cause trouble."
  • Too simple. ("This sounds easy, Jheeg. What’s the catch?")
Jheeg: "Yes. Catch is unfortunate. I will explain. Real Blade brings tribute to friends; brings presents, bribes. Real Blade is far away, now, exploring the Outer Rim; won’t cause trouble."

Jheeg: "Only one concern: I arranged tribute for Nem'ro, gifts imported from Empire, but there was--interference?--at spaceport."
  • Interference? ("What kind of interference?")
  • That's bad. ("I'm not going to like this, am I?")
Jheeg: "Very likely, no."
  • Hurry up. ("Get to the point already.")

Jheeg: "Gang steals from docks. Dangerous men, unaware of us. Nem'ro's tribute taken. But I saw everything--I observed well, yes? I have proposed solution: You quickly eliminate gang members. Only method to recover gifts, remove witnesses.
  • I'll handle it. ("Let's make this fast and quiet then.")
Jheeg: "Gangsters are nearby--this is why we meet here. But advise significant caution. Targets are excellent shots."
  • Could we buy the gifts back? ("They'll probably sell what they stole. What if we made them an offer?")
Jheeg: "Too much attention, too many questions. My orders were soft--yours, too. Elimination is reliable."
  • This is your mistake. ("In other words, you messed up and want me to fix things.")
Jheeg: "Situation is regrettable. My job is to watch and speak, not protect cargo. Gangsters are nearby--why we meet here, yes? But advise discretion, caution. Targets are excellent shots."

Jheeg: "I will communicate plan to our handlers. Speak again once Nem'ro's tribute has been recovered."

3rd Cutscene -- Jiguuna[edit | edit source]

Jheeg: "All witnesses eliminated? Gifts recovered. I will examine. Good, many things Nem'ro wants, things Nem'ro likes. Once Nem'ro has his gifts, all his suspicions go away. You become a pirate. You become Red Blade."
  • "Gifts?" ("What exactly are these "gifts"?")
Jheeg: "Frivolous, expensive. Aurodium idols from Republic royalty. Tarul wine from Naboo. Tomuon wool Hutt robes."
  • Excellent work. ("You've done well. The Empire is grateful to you.")
Jheeg: "Yes. The Empire shows its gratitude generously."
  • That was a lot of trouble. ("I had to kill people for those gifts, Jheeg. This had better work.")
Jheeg: "I believe this. All will succeed."

Jheeg: "I contacted Imperial handlers. As assured, yes? The call is arriving now."
Keeper: "Jheeg. From this point forward, operational security will be at a premium. You will not contact us from this terminal again."
Jheeg: "Yes. Leaving for your privacy. I will await contact."
Keeper: "I understand you corrected Jheeg's mishandling of the situation, agent. We'll now proceed."
  • Proceed? ("Proceed to do what, exactly?")
  • Yes, sir. ("Acknowledged and understood.")
  • Jheeg should be punished. ("That creature didn't just "mishandle" things. He messed up badly.")
Keeper: "Possibly. But we will use him until he's outlived his function."

Keeper: "Your next task is to access Nem'ro's inner circle. Present yourself to the Hutt as a fellow gangster--the Red Blade--and offer him Jheeg's gifts. One of the gifts is implanted with a listening device which we will use to monitor conversations within Nem'ro's palace."
  • I think I get it. ("Are you listening for something specific?")
  • What if there's trouble? ("If someone suspects me, what should I do?")
Keeper: "Use your judgment--silence them or allay their suspicions, as appropriate. But keep this in mind:"
  • Seems pointless. ("Doesn't seem worth the bother.")
Keeper: "Watch your tone, and stay focused."

Keeper: "At this juncture, our primary goal is to find weaknesses in Nem'ro's organization. Even if the Hutt won't join us, we might influence his lieutenants. Talk to Nem'ro and his men. Determine who we can turn and how we can sway them. We will be listening."
  • Enjoy the show. ("In that case, I better watch my mouth.")
Keeper: "I expect my ears can handle it, "Blade.""
  • I'm on it. ("I'll be back once I learn anything.")
  • I just want to be done. ("Whatever it takes to get me off this slime-pit of a world.")
Keeper: "There are far worse places, "Blade." Enjoy this while it lasts."

Keeper: Be careful what you say--and lose the accent. When you’re in the Hutt palace, you’re no longer an Imperial. Contact me from the cantina once Nem’ro has his “presents.” Keeper out.