Chief Enforcer

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Sith Empire Chief Enforcer Sith Empire

Chief Enforcer

Elite Level 3 Ranged NPC (Elite)

Allegiance Sith Empire
Species [[Human]]
Gender Male
Health 775
Planet [[Hutta]]
Region [[Evocii Swamp]]

[[Category:Hutta NPCs]][[Category:Human NPCs]]

The Chief Enforcer is a male Human encountered by Imperial player characters on the planet Hutta. He is the head of the enforcers working for the gangster Nem'ro the Hutt at a work camp outside Jiguuna.[1]

Missions[edit | edit source]

An Evocii was selected by Nem'ro the Hutt to serve as the Administrator of the gangster's work camp outside Jiguuna. Named Morsel by Nem'ro, the new Administrator has been given little respect by the enforcers currently in the Hutt's employ.[1]

Mission objective
Sith Empire [4] A Slight Lean

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