Cerean Pilot's Belt

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Cerean Pilot's Wristbands / Cerean Pilot's Wristbands
Cerean Pilot's Belt
Binds on Equip
Medium Armor (Rating 38)
   92 Armor
Durability: 100/100
Total Stats:
   +11 Mastery
   +11 Endurance

Requires Level 15
Requires Medium Armor

Cerean Pilot's Belts are Premium-quality waist slot Medium Armor. They can be obtained as a dropped item from level-appropriate mobs.

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Dropped item[edit | edit source]

Cerean Pilot's Belts are part of the level 15 Premium-quality random loot table. They can be obtained as a random loot drop from mobs of the appropriate level.

Dropped item

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