Carbonite Grenade

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Carbonite Grenade
Carbonite Grenade
Binds on Pickup
Mission Item
Use: Uses a carbonite grenade to freeze a target bounty, capturing them alive. Only usable on targets below 10% health.

This article is for the regular bounty contract item. For the Kingpin bounty item, see Carbonite Grenade (Kingpin).

Carbonite Grenade is a mission item used for the Bounty Contract Week event. This item allows characters to capture bounties alive.

Source[edit | edit source]

Carbonite Grenades are provided by clients during bounty contract missions.

Mission item
[55] Bounty Contract: Alderaan
Galactic Republic [55] Bounty Contract: Coruscant
Sith Empire [55] Bounty Contract: Dromund Kaas
Sith Empire [55] Bounty Contract: Hutta
[55] Bounty Contract: Nar Shaddaa
Galactic Republic [55] Bounty Contract: Ord Mantell
[55] Bounty Contract: Tatooine
[55] Bounty Contract: Voss

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