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Sith Empire Captain Nerril Sith Empire

Captain Nerril

Champion Level 50 NPC (Champion)

Allegiance [[Sith Empire]]
Species Human
Gender Male
Planet [[Denova]]
Region [[Seaside Woods]]

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Captain Nerril is an Imperial captain that guides characters throughout the operation Explosive Conflict.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

Entering the operation

  • Captain Nerril. Welcome to the fight. I'll be coordinating your movements with the main assault on Kephess's camp.
  • Let the walkers secure the beach. You push forward to engage Kephess and his troops.

Approaching Zorn and Toth

  • Captain Nerril checking in. Scouts spotted some drouks heading your way.

After defeating Toth and Zorn

  • We're hitting Kephess hard on the main front. Maybe you can find an alternate route to his camp through the mines.

Exiting the Baradium Mine

  • Looks like Kephess is transporting the baradium to his main camp.

Approaching Firebrand and Stormcaller

  • This is Captain Nerril. Enemy reinforcements closing on your position.

Entering the Baradium Processing Facility

  • Kephess is stepping up his baradium processing. Could be stocking up for a major galactic offensive.

Entering the trenches in Kephess' Redoubt

  • You're closing in on the Imperial defector camp. Time to make those traitors pay!

Traveling through the trenches

  • Incoming artillery! We'll try and draw Kephess's fire away from your position.

Entering the minefield area

  • The defectors were equipped with heavy explosives. Probably planted land mines around the whole area.
  • Colonel Vorgath is leading the Imperial traitors. Don't let him escape!

Defeated Warlord Kephess

  • Take down their shield generator!

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