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Galactic Republic Commander Bragan Galactic Republic

Commander Bragan

Strong Level 10 Ranged NPC (Strong)

Allegiance [[Galactic Republic]]
Species [[Human]]
Gender Male
Health 1275
Planet [[Ord Mantell]]
Region [[Mannett Point]]

[[Category:Galactic Republic NPCs]][[Category:Ord Mantell NPCs]][[Category:Human NPCs]]

Commander Bragan is a male human soldier encountered on the planet Ord Mantell. He and his men are pinned down by separatist forces near Mannett Point. Their armored transport was disabled when it took several hits from stolen Republic rocket launchers.

Missions[edit | edit source]

Before its capture by separatist forces Mannett Point was used by the Republic military to store munitions intended for Fort Garnik. Now that the separatists control the Point, those weapons have been turned against the Republic soldiers in the area. Commander Bragan wants those weapons taken out of the separatists' hands.[1]

Begins missions
Galactic Republic [5] Bridging the Gap

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References[edit | edit source]

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