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Sith Empire Braden Sith Empire


Strong Level 10 Ranged NPC (Strong)

Allegiance Sith Empire
Species [[Human]]
Gender Male
Health 1275
Planet [[Hutta]]
Region [[Jiguuna]]
Instance [[The Poison Pit]]

[[Category:Hutta NPCs]][[Category:Human NPCs]]

Braden is a male human encountered by Bounty Hunter player characters on the planet Hutta. A former bounty hunter of some renown, Braden gathers a team to challenge and win the Great Hunt; the members brought together for this task assemble at the Poison Pit, a cantina on the planet Hutta.[1]

Background[edit | edit source]

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Missions[edit | edit source]

Braden has organized a team of like-minded individuals in the hope of winning the Great Hunt, a competition of skill and cunning among the best Mandalorians and bounty hunters throughout the galaxy. His team assembles on the planet Hutta, and includes a young Bounty Hunter, the tech specialist Mako, and a nikto bodyguard named Jory.[1]

In order to participate in the competition Braden's team must earn the sponsorship of Nem'ro the Hutt, a local gangster and leader of the town of Jiguuna. Mako plants rumors of the teams' prowess while Braden dispatches their Hunter to bring in Vexx, a gunslinger in the area wanted for crimes committed against the Imperial military. Braden believes the added prestige of claiming a local bounty will secure Nem'ro's support, but by the time the team's Hunter returns Braden and Jory have been executed by Tarro Blood, a Mandalorian mercenary also seeking to emerge from the Great Hunt as its victor.[1][2]

Begins missions
Icon class bountyhunter.png [4] The Last Flight
Mission objective
Icon class bountyhunter.png [3] Gauntlet

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References[edit | edit source]

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