Bounty Payment Lockbox (prototype)

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Bounty Payment Lockbox
Bounty Payment Lockbox
Item Roll Level 50
Binds on Pickup
Contains a portion of the credits held in escrow for payment upon completion of a bounty contract.
This article is for the prototype lockbox. For the premium lockbox, see Bounty Payment Lockbox.

Bounty Payment Lockbox is a prototype Bounty Contract Week credit lockbox. Upon use, these boxes award Credit.png 2146-2731.

Source[edit | edit source]

Bounty Payment Lockboxes are obtained from completing kingpin bounty missions on various planets.

Mission reward
[55] Alderaan: Kingpin Bounty
Galactic Republic [55] Coruscant: Kingpin Bounty
Sith Empire [55] Dromund Kaas: Kingpin Bounty
Sith Empire [55] Hutta: Kingpin Bounty
[55] Nar Shaddaa: Kingpin Bounty
Galactic Republic [55] Ord Mantell: Kingpin Bounty
[55] Tatooine: Kingpin Bounty
[55] Voss: Kingpin Bounty

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