Black Nebula Heavy Blaster

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Black Nebula Heavy Blaster
Black Nebula Heavy Blaster
Cartel Market Item
Main Hand (Ranged)
22.0-42.0 Energy Damage (Rating 8)
Durability: 200/200
Total Stats:
   +51 Tech Power

Item Modifications
   Yellow Color Crystal (1)
   Barrel: Open
   Mod: Open
   Enhancement: Open

Requires Blaster Pistol

Black Nebula Heavy Blaster is a Cartel Market artifact blaster pistol that can be equipped in a character's main hand weapon slot. It features a targeting HUD on the side of the blaster when it is drawn.

Source[edit | edit source]

Black Nebula Heavy Blasters can be obtained from Black Market Cartel Packs or Crime Lord's Cartel Packs purchased from the Cartel Market.

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