Black Market Cartel Pack

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Black Market Cartel Pack
Black Market Cartel Pack
Cartel Market Item
Use: Right-click to open this Black Market Cartel Pack. This pack contains 3 items, including 1 boost item, 1 companion gift, and 1 rare item.

A pack of assorted goods purchased from the Cartel Market.

The Black Market Cartel Pack is a Cartel Pack containing a sampling of items from the Cartel Market including rare items. It is one of the first Cartel Packs from Shipment One.

Source[edit | edit source]

Black Market Cartel Packs can be purchased from the Cartel Market for Cartel coin.png 180.

Contents[edit | edit source]

Possible items found in the pack
Primary article: List of Cartel Pack contents

Unlike other Cartel Packs, Black Market Cartel Packs contain only three items: one experience or social points boost, one rank 5 companion gift, and one rare. Rares include moddable armor, color crystals, emotes, pets, social items, titles, and vehicles.

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