Bioanalysis/Missions 17-24

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Name Time Cost Skill Level Potential Yield
Renegade Scientist 6m 00s Credit.png 535 115/145/175/195 Grade 2 Biochemical Samples (Rich)
The Mines of Doan 5m 00s Credit.png 470 100/130/160/180 Grade 2 Biochemical Compounds (Bountiful)
Signs of Life 4m 00s Credit.png 230 070/100/130/150 Grade 2 Biochemical Compounds (Moderate)
Flora of the Outer Rim 3m 50s Credit.png 220 065/095/125/145 Grade 2 Biochemical Samples (Moderate)
Under the Sea 5m 00s Credit.png 255 080/110/140/160 Grade 2 Biochemical Samples (Abundant)